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Ditch the Grid, Own Your Power: Solar Max Brings Enphase to NYC

A local family owned company with 25 years in the energy business in greater New York City.

Generate Clean Energy, Slash Costs, Power Your Future

New Yorkers, break free from the city’s energy squeeze! Solar Max delivers the future of electricity – sustainable, independent, and powered by the sun. With Enphase, the world’s smartest home energy system, you’ll:


Unleash Solar Power

Our top-tier panels harness sunshine, generating clean electricity for your home, reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.


Store Your Savings

Enphase batteries become your personal power bank, capturing excess solar energy to run your home even when the sun sets or the grid stumbles.


Say Goodbye to Peak Prices

Escape the grip of unpredictable utility bills. Generate your own power, reduce dependence on the grid, and watch your savings grow.

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Enjoy Unmatched Intelligence

Enphase systems seamlessly manage your energy flow, maximizing solar production, battery storage, and grid interaction for efficiency you can see.

Experience NYC Expertise

Our NY-based team understands the city’s unique solar landscape, crafting custom solutions for brownstones, condos, and everything in between.

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Get Hassle-Free Installation

We handle everything, from permits and financing to seamless installation and ongoing support. You just reap the benefits.

Ready to Lead

The Energy Revolution?

Get a free, no-obligation quote for your custom NYC solar system today! Enter your address, and one of our friendly solar experts will be in touch to answer your questions and guide you towards energy independence.

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Eco Friendly

Our solar panel installations are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, significantly reducing your carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy.

Easy Installation

Our expert team ensures a hassle-free solar panel installation process, handling everything from planning to execution, making the transition to solar energy seamless.

Low Maintenance

Solar Max panels are designed for longevity with minimal maintenance required, ensuring optimal performance year-round without the hassle.

Affordable Price

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, ensuring that solar energy is an accessible and cost-effective solution for every homeowner


We're Here to Guide You

Q. What areas does Solar Max service?

Solar Max proudly serves the Greater NYC area, providing top-notch solar installation services to meet the community's renewable energy needs.

Q. How long has Solar Max been in the business?

With 25 years of experience in the energy industry, Solar Max is your trusted local expert committed to delivering exceptional service.

Q. Does Solar Max offer financing options?

Solar Max offers a range of financing options to make solar installations more affordable and accessible for our clients.

Q. What brands of solar panels does Solar Max use?

We prioritize quality, using only the highest-grade solar panels from reputable and trusted manufacturers.




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